Plot Director

Run, monitor and take control over your Chia or Chives plotting process! Get ready to re-plot with easy-plot-replace feature, maximizing time when you can still use non-portable plots for Chia solo farm.

  • Plot 4-10 times faster with embeded MadMax plotter (currently used release v0.1.6)
  • Official CHIA and MadMax plotter support! Madmax version can be used to make CHIA or CHIVES plots
  • Multiple jobs support
    • Run job on each SSD/ram disk, no need for running program in multiple instance anymore
  • HDD Groups
    • select one or more HDDs and make HDD group. Created plots will be distributed over HDDs with fill-type of your choosing
      • Fill HDD with most free space first
      • Fill HDD with least free space first
      • Cycle fill - fill each HDD with 1 plot
  • Staging copy support
    • After plot is finished it can be copied to staging folder (internal HDD/SSD).After copy phase is finished, plotting will continue, but in the background "late copy" will commence and distribute plots from staging folder(s) to HDD Groups
  • Easy-plot-replace option on each HDD group: Let program delete current plots (which can be used for solo farm only, are not portable thus not useable for official pools) one by one, before new portable plot is copied to final folder (maximise time when old plots can still be used for solo farming)
  • Change plotting parameters on-the-fly
    • already plotting and you want to change parameters? No prob. Change em! Change will affect newly spawned plotters.
  • Dark and light theme
  • Access to your account/dashboard online (currently in dev.)
    • check plotting stats and history
    • check current plotting status
    • control of each plotting process
    • get e-mail notification for XCH reward!
    • get e-mail notification when plotter stops
  • Auto-start plotting process when app starts
    • Can be set per job. If selected, once app is started, job will be started automatically.

Average CHIA plot time
?? minutes
Fastest CHIA plot time
?? minutes
Total CHIA plots produced
?? plots

Chia and Chives plots created over the last 14 days